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5. VBE Set Options (Option Explicit)

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5. VBE Set Options (Option Explicit)

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There are some options that should be set a little before you start writing macros.

No, it's a VBE Set Options that must be set.
Be sure to set it first.

VBE "Tools" → "Options"

VBA macro Excel

The following screen will appear.

VBA macro Excel

“Automatic syntax check” has a check (check mark), so please remove the check.
* In Excel2013 and later, the check is removed from the beginning.
And “Force variable declaration” is not checked, so check it.

There is no problem in the “Editor Settings”.

VBA macro Excel

There is no problem even if you fix it, but it is better to keep it around the font size.

Please do not fix in “General”.

VBA macro Excel

The changes here will affect the behavior itself,
Please do not change it unless you understand 100% of the meaning of Japanese.

It's better not to change the "docking".

VBA macro Excel

If you get used to the screen operation of VBE and want to change it to make it easier to use, please review it.
However, I usually do not need to change it, I use it as it is.

Insert new module

Let's insert a new module.

VBA macro Excel

Unlike before setting options,
This time, “Option Explicit” is added at the top.
This corresponds to “force variable declaration”.
The meaning of this will be explained in detail later in the variable declaration.

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