VBA basics
3. Macro recording

Excel macro basics and applications, introduction to Excel VBA
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3. Macro recording

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In explaining the Excel macro, first of all,
You must explain "Recording macros".

It's also called automatic macro recording,
In short, the manual operation of Excel is recorded automatically.
Of course, it is recorded in VBA, the macro language.

In practice, we do not modify and use macro VBA code created from macro recordings.
Do you use it?

When I want to write a certain operation with macro VBA, I don't understand how to write ...
At times like this, it's mainly used to examine it.
For that purpose, you need to be able to use "Record Macro" for the time being.

How to operate "Record Macro"

For the operation method,

Part 1: Recording and executing macro
Let's get started, but before you start, for Excel 2007 and 2010, display the "Development" tab. Check "Show development tab on ribbon" in "Office button" → "Excel options" → "Basic settings". This will display "Development" at the end of the ribbon.
Please refer to this.

How to check when you don't know how to write in VBA

If you don't know how to write in VBA,

Get help
Search online
Check the book

It will be like saying,
In the first place, you don't know what to look for.

Even if you search online, what you want does not hit easily,
This is because the keyword you are looking for does not correctly represent what you want.
"Macro recording" comes in handy to solve this.

Manually operate what you want to do with "Record Macro"
Look at the recorded VBA code
Search for keywords
Check unknown words online

If you do this, you will surely get to the purpose.

When searching the net,
If you can use "Google Custom Search" at the bottom of this page,
The relevant pages in this site will be displayed in a list, so please use it.

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