VBA basics
1. What is a macro? What is VBA?

Excel macro basics and applications, introduction to Excel VBA
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1. What is a macro? What is VBA?

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What is an Excel macro?

What is Excel VBA?

"Macro" automates Excel operations.

The function to be automated is called "macro".

The contents of the macro are programs.

The programming language is VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Well, it seems that many people misunderstand the difference between macro and VBA.
The contents of the "macro function" in Excel are written in the programming language "VBA".

What is a macro?

This function automates Excel operations.

Macros are written in VBA language.
All Excel functions can be operated.
Operations can be recorded.
Windows settings and Internet data collection are also possible.

In the macro function of Excel, there is a function called "Record Macro".
Manual operations are recorded as macros, meaning VBA code is written automatically.
You can automate the operation by running this automatically recorded macro.
However, this automatically recorded macro has the following problems.

What is VBA

Microsoft's programming language "Microsoft Visual Basic" is installed in the company's Microsoft Office.

The functions provided from the beginning of Office are not enough, so I want to expand the functions.
Since manual work is difficult, I want to process automatically

These functions are realized by the macro function, and the language when describing in detail is VBA.

As a language, almost all English words are used as they are.
Rather, singular and plural forms are used faithfully.

So, if you read the English words in order, you can understand that they are written to some extent.
(If you know English words.)
However, as in English, even if you can read it somehow, it is difficult to write or speak.
In other words, remembering VBA means you can write VBA.
Of course, you need to be able to read before you can write.

Necessity of macro VBA learning

By learning VBA, the macro description language,
You can create macros for more complex processing.
And you will be able to automate daily repetitive tasks and make your work more efficient.

Even with "macro recording" alone, some automation can be achieved,
Inevitably, the program code is wasteful and inefficient.
In addition, there are operations that are not recorded in "Record Macro",
In the first place, there are many cases where manual operation is not possible.

In this series "Introduction to Excel Macro VBA", for those who use macros for the first time,
I will explain it so that it can be advanced little by little.

Prerequisite knowledge of macro VBA learning

To learn macro VBA, Excel basic operations and worksheet functions are essential.

First of all, please remember them firmly.

Introduction to Excel

At least you should understand this content to some extent before starting a macro.

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  • 1. What is a macro? What is VBA?

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