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19. General practice question 1 | VBA basics(8月17日)

Macro VBA exercises As explained in the introduction to Macro VBA, For ~ Next Get last row Four arithmetic operations Use the above to complete the following exercises. In the ta…
18. Get last row (End, Rows.Count) | VBA basics(8月16日)
Getting the last row of a table in an Excel worksheet is an essential technique for macro VBA. Necessity of obtaining the last row in Excel VBA Excel is a spreadsheet software,
17. Iterative processing (Do Loop) | VBA basics(8月16日)
As a repetitive process, we performed For ~ Next, this time Do ~ Loop. The frequency of use is lower than that of For-Next, This is something that you must remember. For-Next was…
16. Iterative processing (For Next) | VBA basics(8月16日)
BA's For Next is a VBA syntax for repeating the same process. There are several ways to iterate over VBA, The most frequently used, the simplest and most convenient,
15. Four arithmetic operations and annotations (comments) | VBA basics(8月15日)
Excel is a spreadsheet software, so if you can't calculate it, it won't be a story. The first is the arithmetic operation (addition / subtraction remainder) operator. This is the…
14. Character concatenation and continuation line | VBA basics(8月15日)
A character in one cell and a character in a cell are joined together and displayed in another cell. This is a common case and is often done. _Abc_ in cell A1 _123_ in cell B1 At…
13. Constants and type declaration characters (Const) | VBA basics(8月15日)
Last time I explained variables, but if there are variables, there are also constants, of course, In other words, variables are those whose values change,
12. Variables and data types (Dim) | VBA basics(8月14日)
This variable is the first thing that macro VBA beginners will trip, A variable is a container that temporarily stores numeric values, character strings,
11. How to use Range and Cells | VBA basics(8月14日)
In VBA, there are Range and Cells as a way to specify cells. Both Range and Cells specify cells with a Range object. Which should I use? How should we use them properly? In the a…
10. Specification method other than Range (Cells, Rows, Columns) | VBA basics(8月14日)
You can specify any cell and range by specifying Range. When used in a macro, it may be a little difficult to use. It is inconvenient to specify with characters such as _A1_ and …
9. How to specify cells in Range | VBA basics(8月13日)
How to use Range that came out until the last time Range (_A1_) It was a case of specifying one cell by writing like this. When specifying multiple cell ranges,
8. What is putting a character in a cell (Range, Value) | VBA basics(8月13日)
Let's take a closer look at the macro that we ran last time. Why is the value in the cell now, How to read VBA, I will explain in a little more detail. Anyway,
7. To run a macro (F5) | VBA basics(8月13日)
Let's run the last macro, “Practice 1”. There are two main ways to execute macros, Execute on VBE screen Execute on worksheet It can be executed either way for the convenience of…
6. Let's write it anyway (Sub, End Sub) | VBA basics(8月12日)
Let's write a macro anyway. sub practice1 And enter In this way, sub becomes Sub, and () follows. And End Sub is added below. This is a macro. It becomes a macro with one functio…
5. VBE Set Options (Option Explicit) | VBA basics(8月12日)
There are some options that should be set a little before you start writing macros. No, it's a VBE Set Options that must be set. Be sure to set it first. VBE _Tools_ → _Options_ …
4. Where is the macro written (VBE startup) | VBA basics(8月12日)
So where do you write your macros? First of all, an edit screen equivalent to paper for writing macros is displayed. This macro editing screen is called Visual Basic Editor,
3. Macro recording | VBA basics(8月11日)
In explaining the Excel macro, first of all, You must explain _Recording macros_. It's also called automatic macro recording, In short, the manual operation of Excel is recorded …
2. First Prepare to use Macro VBA | VBA basics(8月11日)
Let's make a macro right away. And before that, there are preparations, Add a _Development_ tab to the top ribbon, The _Development_ tab contains icons necessary for developing m…
1. What is a macro? What is VBA? | VBA basics(8月11日)
What is an Excel macro? What is Excel VBA? _Macro_ automates Excel operations. The function to be automated is called _macro_. The contents of the macro are programs. The program…

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